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Principal Investigator:

  • Ilias Tagkopoulos, Ph.D.

Research Associates:

  • Navneet Rai, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associates:

  • Erol Kavvas, Ph.D.

the lab in a nutshell

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Graduate Students:

  • Cheng-En Tan (Ph.D., CS)
  • Trevor Chan (Ph.D., CS)
  • Jason Youn (Ph.D., CS)
  • Tarini Navarane (Ph.D., BSE)
  • Fangzhou Li (Ph.D., CS)
  • Muhammad Adil Salim (Ph.D., Microbiology)
  • Christian Millsop (Ph.D., CS)
  • Gabrial Simmons (Ph.D., CS)
  • Arielle Soomi Yoo (Ph.D., BME)
  • Yue Jin (B.S., Nutrition)

Our People

Ilias Tagkopoulos
Department of Computer Science & Genome Center
Navneet Rai
Research Specialist,
Department of Computer Science & Genome Center
Erol Kavvas
Postdoctoral Associate,
Genome Center
Cheng-En Tan
Ph.D. Candidate,
Department of Computer Science
Trevor Chan
Ph.D Candidate,
Department of Computer Science
Jason Youn
Ph.D Candidate,
Department of Computer Science
Fangzhou Li
Ph.D. Candidate,
Department of Computer Science
Tarini Navarane
Ph.D. Candidate,
Biological Systems Engineering Group
Muhammad Adil Salim
Ph.D. Candidate,
Microbiology Graduate Group
Christian Millsop
Ph.D. Candidate,
Department of Computer Science
Gabriel Simmons
Ph.D. Candidate,
Department of Computer Science
Arielle Soomi Yoo
Ph.D. Candidate,
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Yue Jin
Undergraduate Researcher,
Department of Nutrition


Postdoctoral Associates
• Bo Mi Lee, 2019-2021, currently Faculty at UCF.
• Navneet Rai, 2012-2018, currently Research Specialist at UC Davis.
• Athanasios Tsoukalas, 2012-2017, currently Professional Researcher at NYU-Abu Dhabi.
• Violeta Zorraquino Salvo, 2013-2015, currently Postdoctoral Associate at UC Davis.
• Semarhy Quinones-Soto, 2012-2014, currently Faculty at CSU, Sacramento.
• Javier Carrera, 2012-2013, currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University.
• Vadim Mozhayskiy, 2010-2013 currently scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
• Jiyeon Park, Postdoctoral Associate, 2011-2012, currently with PPNL.
• Martin Dragosits, Postdoctoral Associate, 2010-2011, currently with University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

• Ameen Eetemadi, Ph.D., 2014-2021, currently data scientist with Ancestry.
• Beatriz Pereira, Ph.D., 2014-2020, currently project manager with LakePharma, Inc.
• Simon Kit Chu, Ph.D. student, 2018-2020, currently with Siegel Lab at UC Davis.
• Xiaokang Wang, Ph.D., 2013-2020, currently quantitative analyst with Point72 Asset Management.
• Rishi Subramanian, BS, 2018-2019.
• Shweta Das, BS, 2018-2019.
• Minseung Kim, Ph.D., 2018, currently with Pipa Corp.
• Nick Joodi, MS, 2017-2018.
• Supriya Shri Shree Prakash, BS, 2017-2018, currently with Intel Inc.
• Linh Huynh, Ph.D., 2010-2017, currently Postdoctoral Associate with UC Davis.
• Vivek Dubey, MS, 2016-2017, currently with Nvidia Inc.
• Mackenzie Perkins, BS, 2015-2017.
• Anthony Orona, BS, 2016.
• Carl Glahn, BS, 2016.
• Kenan Nalbant, BS, 2016.
• Rhys Lee 2015-2016.
• Weston Selna, BS, 2015-2016.
• Ryan Sha, BS, 2014-2016.
• Arlo Lobascio, BS, 2012-2014, currently with Elite Medical Scribes.
• Christopher Chen, BS, 2013, currently with Digital Insight.
• Daniel Lewis, Ph.D. BME rotation student, 2013, currently Ph.D. candidate with UC Davis.
• Davis Shih, BS, 2013.
• Janina Mejia, BS, 2013, currently with Smiths Detection.
• Lingshu Tang, BS, 2013.
• Runyu (Roy) Shi, BS, 2013.
• Steven Hung, BS, 2013, currently with Dishcraft Robotics.
• Vann Teves, BS, 2013.
• Arun Durvasula, BS, 2012-2013, currently Ph.D. student, UCLA.
• Jing Luo, BS, 2012-2013, currently with
• Eren Gultepe, MS, 2011-2013, currently with University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
• Daniel Nicklas, Ph.D. BME rotation student, 201-2012, currently Ph.D. student at UC Davis
• Ladan Doroud, Ph.D. CS rotation student, 2011-2012, currently engineer with Ancestry DNA.

IGEM teams
• IGEM 2016: Alexis Caligiuri, Amanda Everitt, Brent Weyers, Jonathan Chen, Samir Akre.
• IGEM 2015: Andrew Michelmore, Andrew Shephard, Gabriel Freund, Joanne Wu, Logan Vinson, Muntaha Samad.
• IGEM 2014: Brian Tamsut, E. Aaron Cohen, James Lucas, Julie Yeonju Song, Lucas Murray, Sarah Ritz, Simon Staley.
• IGEM 2013: Alex Neckelmann, Amy Soon, Aura Ferreiro, David Hwang, Lucas Murray.
• IGEM 2012: Akshay Sethi, Christine Olson, Colin Deniston, Deborah Park, Mattan Hamou, Nick Csicsery, Pui Yan Ho, Sahar Hojjat, Sergio Waqued, Spencer Wong.
• IGEM 2011: Aaron Heuckroth, Keegan Owsley, Nick Csicsery, Tim Fenton.
• IGEM 2010: Tim Fenton, Keegan Owsley, Arjun Nair, Jennifer Lau, Holly Lam, Justin Tantiongloc.

Visiting researchers
• Ki-Jo Kim, Visiting Assistant Professor, 2016-2018, currently an Associate Professor, The Catholic University of Korea.
• Masataka Saito, Visiting Scholar, 2013-2014, currently Assistant Director, Japan’s Patent Office.

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