New article in Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology

A new publication from Dr. Young Bin Joo, Dr. In-Woon Baek, Dr. Kyung-Su Park, Dr. Ilias Tagkopoulos, and Dr. Ki-Jo Kim, investigating whether unbiased clustering analysis of phenotypic data can lead to coherent subgroups of axSpA patients with a distinct risk of radiographic progression. They found out that phenotype mapping results in a clinically relevant classification of axSpA that is applicable for risk stratification.

Reference: Joo, Young Bin, In-Woon Baek, Kyung-Su Park, Ilias Tagkopoulos, and Ki-Jo Kim. “Novel classification of axial spondyloarthritis to predict radiographic progression using machine learning.” Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology (2020). [Online ahead of print] (link)(pdf)