New article in AI Magazine

A new publication from Prof. Ilias Tagkopoulos and collaborators about The AIFS Institute: Building a better food system through AI.

Abstract: Our food system is complex, multifaceted, and in need of an upgrade. Population growth, climate change, and socioeconomic disparities are some of the challenges that create a systemic threat to its sustainability and capacity to address the needs of an evolving planet. The mission of the AI Institute of Next Generation Food Systems (AIFS) is to leverage the latest advances in AI to help create a more sustainable, efficient, nutritious, safe, and resilient food system. Instead of using AI in isolation, AIFS views it as the connective tissue that can bring together interconnected solutions from farm to fork. From guiding molecular breeding and building autonomous robots for precision agriculture, to predicting pathogen outbreaks and recommending personalized diets, AIFS projects aspire to pave the way for infrastructure and systems that empower practitioners to build the food system of the next generation. Workforce education, outreach, and ethical considerations related to the emergence of AI solutions in this sector are an integral part of AIFS with several collaborative activities aiming to foster an open dialogue and bringing closer students, trainees, teachers, producers, farmers, workers, policy makers, and other professionals.

Reference: Tagkopoulos, Ilias, Mason J. Earles, Danielle G. Lemay, Xin Liu, Nitin Nitin, Aaron D. Smith, Tarek I. Zohdi, and Stephen F. Brown. “The AIFS Institute: Building a better food system through AI.” AI Magazine.